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Our Facility

Ladda Fitness, previously underwent a name change from Charge Fitness, and has one facility located near the Polaris mall in Westerville, Ohio. This location has recently received a major "face-lift" including fresh paint, new equipment, updated services, merchandise, and new staff members. Drop-ins are ALWAYS encouraged and welcome, but please try to pre-register, and arrive about 10 minutes prior to class start-time to get checked-in with your instructor and claim your space!


Welcome to Ladda Fitness where first and foremost we charge toward our goals and lift each other's spirits. We pride ourselves in offering fun, safe, effective, educational, and accommodating workouts for all fitness levels and life stages.


- Q: Can my child attend class with me?

- A: Yes! Anyone age 13-17 may attend group fitness classes or personal training sessions when accompanied by a

parent or legal guardian. We also offer some Parent/Child class options, and soon a full "Kid Fit" class will be on the calendar!

- Q: Do you offer child care?

- A: Unfortunately we do not have child care services, however, we do offer a number of Parent/Child Classes for you to get your workout in with your little one!

- Q: What is the pricing for classes and memberships?

- A: Please see our price listings located under the "Pricing" tab or give our owner a call at 440.552.4624!

- Q: How do I sign up for classes?

- A: We try to make coming to class a quick and easy process! Check out our Group Fitness tab or any of the "Book Now" bubbles to view our Mind Body site where you can pre-register for classes! Walk-Ins are welcome, however, be advised that our Group Fitness Calendar can vary in terms of class format, time, and instructor often! Registering on Mind Body will ensure your space in the desired class at the desired time!

- Q: Locker Rooms/ Can I change my clothes when I arrive?

-A: The studio has one unisex restroom with light amenities but we unfortunately do not have a formal "locker room" facility or showers. You are more than welcome to use the restroom to change your clothes or "freshen up" before or after class/training.  

- Q: I have an injury, can I still attend class?

- A: Of course! Depending on the severity of your injury, our skilled instructors are able to offer ample modifications to ensure confidence, effectiveness, and an excellent workout!

-Q: Didn't answer your question?

- A: PLEASE feel free to give us a call at 440-552-4624!

Our Mission

At Ladda Fitness, we strive to help you discover the BEST version of yourself through health and wellness education, fitness, positivity, and fun. Our fitness professionals will welcome you, make sure you feel comfortable in our space, and then encourage you to push outside of your comfort zone. Whatever it is you need - a Group Fitness Class, Personal Training, Small Group Training, or a Fitness-Family, we will help you find it!