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Studio closing January 31, 2018. Come join us for a class before time runs out!

Personal Training

Need one-on-one, specialized attention to reach some BIG goals? Schedule a FREE consultation to start charging toward your goals today. Call the studio to schedule your free consultation!  

Ladda Experience

We pride ourselves in being accommodating, welcoming, and fun! We offer classes for nearly ALL ages and ALL fitness levels. There is something on the schedule for everyone, and everyone can feel at home here!

Group Fitness Classes

Add variety to your your workouts with class formats ranging from INSANITY™, to Yoga, to POUND! Nearly all classes can be modified for all fitness levels to give you just what you need! 

​Why Choose 

Ladda Fitness?

We charge toward goals and leave no one behind! We CARE about you, your goals, and your experience as soon as you walk in the door. Whether you are looking for a high intensity, heart pounding Bootcamp class, or a rejuvenating Yoga class, we have a little bit of everything you need, and a "Ladda" excitement about it!

So what is "Ladda?" When we first opened our doors we were CHARGE Fitness - powerful like lightning, charging at any obstacle in our way like a rhino. But we soon ran into events which would lead to a name change. Hence, Ladda was born! "Ladda" translates from Swedish to "Charge" (hence the lightning bolt stayed!). So we are still charging, just with a little more power and a lot more flare!